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Hair Oil

Hair Oil

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It's a good idea to integrate hair oil into your hair care routine! Hair oils are amazing lubricants and help detangle wet hair. They also give your hair a nice shine and help with dry scalp and dandruff issues. Using natural oils on your hair is a great way to stimulate hair growth and nourish your hair. If you aren't using a hair oil already, give our product a try! 

How To Use:
1. Brush your hair and detangle it.
2. Apply a small amount of oil to the palm of your hands.
3. Gently massage your scalp.
4. Work your way down to the tip of your hair.
5. Leave it for a while (at least 30 minutes) before washing it with shampoo.
6. You can also use hair oil as a styling product, simply apply on wet hair or after blow-drying your hair. 

Organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, apricot kernel oil, daikon seed oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, cedarwood essential oil.

size: 60 ml.