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custom hijab scarves canada

We Make Custom Made Hijab Scarves

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If you want a hijab with specific dimensions (size) we can do that for you! We have done this for many of our clients. It's perfectly normal to want your hijab scarf a bit longer or a bit shorter, or to want it in a square instead of rectangular measurements.

I - Sarah founder of Sufeya Boutique - launched this business because I noticed that all my hijabs are custom made and I felt that other women may have the same need, so I feel you! 

To discuss your custom hijab, simply contact us on our Facebook page here or email me (Sarah) at with the size you want and the color you prefer from the collection of colors in our online store. Please note that at the moment we can offer custom made hijab scarves only in our signature crepe material. Other materials and colors may be available and I will discuss with you all the available options once you contact me!

The prices for a custom made crepe hijab 200 cm or less in length is 21$. Shipping is 3$.

Place your order here and contact me. If you didn't find what you need I would be happy to issue a refund to you. Or you can contact me first! whatever works for you, I'd be happy to help!

Happy shopping.