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Which Hijab Material is Best?

chiffon hijabs

Hijab comes in many materials and styles nowadays! I think we are such a lucky generation to have an easy access to all those hijab colours, types and styles!

But which hijab material is best?

That's a very tough question to answer. For me, I cannot imagine wearing anything other than chiffon hijabs with cotton underscarf bonnets. That's my signature style and I'm not sure if I'll change it (more on that later) but that what makes me comfortable and feel good about myself.

That said, the right question is which hijab material is best for what? it really depends on your lifestyle. So for example if you are a very active person or you live in a hot area (Middle East), maybe you want to have some cotton or jersey hijabs. They are breathable, don't slip and don't take much time to style really.

But you also need to have 2-3 chiffon hijabs in your hijab collection for occasions, like going on a date night with your husband, or visiting relatives or going to work. 

I always go for solid hijab colors because this way I can wear them with anything and also I'm not really a fan of prints but you may have your own style as well.

The best thing is to have a good hijab collections. Depending on your lifestyle and where do you go out to most of the time, you may want to have more or few of chiffon hijabs, cottons, etc....

Personally, I'm not very active and even when I exercise it's mainly indoors and women only so I wear chiffon, but I also have 2 cotton hijabs just in case I ever need them...

Hope that helps.... If you have any other questions about hijab contact me on our instagram or Facebook page!