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Do You Have to Wear Abaya?

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I wear black Abayas and I LOVE Them! They are very comfortable and practical. Also I feel like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg since my wardrobe looks all the same :) I get ready in few minutes and I don't waste plenty of mental energy on choosing what to wear... even though I style it. 
I wear my Abayas with hoodies, sweatshirt and jackets. I match them with a cute chiffon hijab and I'm good to go! I also usually wear a black underscarf bonnet. That's my signature style. But do you have to wear an Abaya as a Muslim women to be correctly wearing the Hijab?
The short answer is no. There are many ways you can style your hijab and stay modest. Take this style for example:
maxi skirt and hijab
Modest, simple and also practical. I wear this style sometimes, although I have to admit, wearing an Abaya is my favourite style!
There's no uniform for wearing the hijab. You can wear it in many ways and it doesn't have to be an Abaya. But I also encourage you to get 1-2 abayas and experiment with them.... 

Hope that helps.... If you have any other questions about hijab contact me on our instagram or Facebook page!