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Are Chiffon Hijabs Slippery?

chiffon hijab

From my experience in making and wearing chiffon hijabs, I can see why people think chiffon hijabs are slippery. Chiffon hijabs can be slippers sometimes but it depends on many factors.

What makes chiffon hijabs slippers?

1. The material

I've seen first hand chiffon fabric, I'm not sure if it's a low quality type or that's the way this specific type of chiffon is, maybe it was not intended for making hijabs and more for evening dresses, but some chiffon hijabs are very slippery as they are stiff and not easily bent and shaped around your head. They resist bending and therefore will likely be a struggle to keep them in place. How to identify this type: well most chiffon hijab is a little bit transparent, but this slippery chiffon fabric is more opaque and thick than usual.


2. You're not wearing cotton hijab underscarf bonnets

indigo hijab underscarf bonnet

I would never ever imagine myself wearing a chiffon hijab without an underscarf since they help keep my hair in place, help keep the hijab in place and they are very important because chiffon hijabs are a bit transparent so they provide this extra coverage for your hair. If you are not wearing them with a chiffon hijab, there's a high possibility your hijab will keep slipping or your hair will keep coming out! 


3. Are you wearing hijab pins?

I don't support any hijab pins that would cause a snag in your hijab, but you definitely need to wear some type of a pin to support your hijab. I've seen some people wear chiffon hijabs so losely with no pin, usually with an underscarf, and they have the hijab around their heads with a part of their necks showing.... I have no idea how this stays in place to be hones!


4. You are new to Hijab

If you are a new hijabi, chiffon hijabs may not be ideal for you. When I started to wear hijab I was wearing mainly cotton and jersey hijabs as they are easier to wear and they don't slip so much. I was also a very active person so they are ideal for that type of lifestyle. I know chiffon hijabs are more elegant and would look nice in a workplace environment or even everyday but they come with their challenges... If you are new to hijab take it one step at a time, practice makes perfect and don't worry you'll get used to it!


Hope that helps.... If you have any other questions about hijab contact me on our instagram or Facebook page!