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How and why you should use natural shampoo bars?

Natural shampoo bars are starting to get plenty of popularity and there are plenty of reasons for that! They are definitely the new cute thing you would like to try, but here's everything you need to know about using natural shampoo bars.

What is a natural shampoo bar?

A natural shampoo bar is just a type of shampoo that comes in beautiful solid bars as opposed to the mainstream liquid shampoos. It is made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils, and doesn't include artificial chemicals and synthetic scents commonly found in liquid shampoos. Some of those common artificial chemicals are sulfates and parabens.

Sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils which can make your hair dry and brittle and more prone to damage. Sulfates can also irritate the scalp.

Parabens are chemicals that are preservatives used in many products like cosmetics. Studies suggest that Parabens have diversified potential harm ranging from skin irritation up to body hormones disruption.

Why use natural shampoo bars?

natural shampoo bar

Photo credit: momyknows@flickr.com

First and foremost they are more environmental friendly as they don't need any plastic packaging and they last longer than liquid shampoos. but there's more! Natural shampoo bars are very rich when it comes to the amount of bubbles you'll get while lathering your hair, they also leave your hair completely clean and soft. What is more, natural shampoo bars are made with essential oils that add wonderful scents to your bar instead of the traditional synthetic scents in liquid shampoo bottles. Last but not least, did you know that you can use your shampoo bars for your face and body as well?

Are natural shampoo bars good for your hair?

Most shampoo bars include all-natural ingredients without the sulfates and parabens which means they are safer to use and less likely to dry your hair and break it. 

Shampoo bars are also made from essential oils that are very nutritious to your hair.  For example, lavender oil found in some shampoo bars - like our normal hair shampoo bar - helps promote hair growth. A shampoo bar that contains Coconut oil, helps promote hair growth, and also -  among other benefits - nourishes the scalp. If your hair is not dyed (color-treated) you may want to check out our coconut milk natural shampoo bar.

Do natural shampoo bars work?

Shampoo bars are really worth giving them a try. While personally, me (Sarah - owner @Sufeya Boutique) understand your feelings, we cannot judge things we didn't try for ourselves. 

That said, shampoo bars actually do what they say they do. They clean your hair! They're just a shampoo in a solid form instead of your usual liquid shampoo. Of course, most of them are free from from many of the harmful chemicals that come as part of liquid shampoo formulas and they incorporate many healthy natural ingredients, which is why many people go for them. They also help you reduce your consumption of plastic since shampoo bars come in small boxes. 

When you start using a shampoo bar, you should expect your hair to go through a transition period where it adapts to the new product. I mean. it's logical, after all of those years of using liquid shampoo that is filled with some chemicals, your hair will need some time in the beginning to adapt to your new routine. Some people have reported their hair feeling waxy, which may be the result of one of 2 things:

  • A bad reaction with hard water.
  • Your scalp oil production is going through an adjustment phase.

The easiest way to handle this is by using an apple cider vinegar rinse. Our ACV rinse spray comes with bonus instructions on how you can refill again yourself and reuse the spray bottle, so you may never run out of ACV rinse!

On the other hand, some people said, their hair got dry after using shampoo bars. Some even said they experienced tangles and their hair became more frizzy. Again, this is just a transition period while your hair adapts to the new product.

This transition period can last from a few days to a month, depending on the status of your hair and scalp.

Some people try both shampoo and conditioner bars and then they decide to continue using both or just using the hair conditioner bars. So it's not a 100% take it or leave it approach, but rather you deciding what works better for you right now.


Are natural shampoo bars really natural?

I've personally discussed this with some of our suppliers. Some shampoo bar manufacturers don't like to use this term "natural" since there are no specific guidelines regulating this word on products. So, the most important thing when buying a shampoo bar is to make sure it doesn't contain any of the common harmful chemicals in liquid shampoos like parabens. Our collection of shampoo bars are free from those chemicals.

How to use natural shampoo bar?

Using a shampoo bar is pretty easy and straight forward, in fact, it is a very similar process to using a liquid shampoo only this time your shampoo is a solid bar. Simply:

  1. Wet your hair with warm water very well.
  2. Moisten the bar, then rub it directly to your hair from the top (the scalp) to the bottom.
  3. Another way to use the bar is by using a sponge and rub it to the shampoo bar to create some foam and then use that foam on your hair.
  4. Finally, the most important step is rinsing. Rinse, rinse, and rinse! Make sure you rinse thoroughly as froth and suds from the bar may not wash out as quickly as you are used to when using liquid shampoo. 
  5. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse may help in removing suds.
  6. It is a good idea to follow with hair conditioner bar after using your shampoo bar.
  7. The final step is to store your bars in a dry place away from water and moisture. We recommend using a small natural loofah as a soap dish.

Where to buy natural shampoo bar?

There are tons of places, websites, and local makers that produce shampoo bars. The advantage of buying your shampoo bars from Sufeya.com is that if you don't like them we will issue you a refund and take them back. Also, we have shampoo bars to match almost every hair type and with each product page, we give you full information about the product and recommendations on matching conditioner bars or rinses.

Finally, should you really use a shampoo bar?

natural shampoo bar with lavender

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They are definitely worth trying and to be honest, they look too cute and smell too good for you to miss this experience. After all, what is life if we don't try new things!

If you have any further questions, you are always free to chat with us on our Facebook page and happy shampooing!


Main photo credit: wallpaperflare